BWF Vol-23: Return to Zanarkand

BWF Vol-23: Return to Zanarkand – Live from Gemtec Arena, Hull
Official Theme: To Zanarkand – Final Fantasy X OST

Nixon Newell defeated Lana Austin and Kay Lee Ray in 13:33 via Pinfall. Nixon Newell is the number one contender. (50)
South Pacific Power Trip defeated Primal Rage (Mastiff and Gibson) in 12:40 via Submission (47)

Chris Brookes comes to Steven Regal and pleads him in person for a championship rematch with HASKINS. Regal agrees that Brookes has been on great form recently and deserves his rematch but he reminds him that Mark Andrews is the number one contender for HASKINS’ title. A deflated Brookes is reinvigorated by Regal who puts him in a one versus one match with AXEL. (85)

POLLY defeated Toni Storm in 11:03 via Pinfall (39)

POLLY is interviewed about her future opponent Nixon Newell but she is uninterested. She tells the interviewer that she joined RINGKAMPF so she could represent women’s wrestling seriously, not treat it like a child playtime session like Nixon Newell does. (66)

AXEL defeated Chris Brookes in 17:34 via Submission. AXEL blatantly cheated. (56)

HASKINS and AXEL insult Brookes by insisting him, nor anyone else, will ever take the BWF Regional Championship away from RINGKAMPF. (66)

Rampage Brown defeated Matt Sydal in 7:35 via Pinfall (53)

Jack Sexsmith returns for the first time since he was savagely beaten by Rampage Brown at the First Anniversary Show. Clearly still hurting, Sexsmith insists he wants to fight Rampage again at the next show! (55)

Moustache Mountain defeated Primal Rage (Huxley and Wolfgang) in 16:34 via Pinfall. Pete Dunne interfered. (58)
HASKINS defeated Mark Andrews in 20:48 via Pinfall. HASKINS retains the BWF Regional Championship. (57)

Morgan Webster comes to the ring to issue an open challenge, not title match. The light go down and when they come up again, Webster is face to face with mannequin dressed in a Plague Doctor’s outfit. A startled Webster is too bewildered to notice Scurll lingering outside the ring and Scurll takes his chance to pounce. He locks Webster in the Chicken Wing until the champion passes out. Scurll removes the mannequins outfit to reveal the word ‘pride’. (88)

Show Rating: 61 | Attendance: 977 | Pop Increased in 45 Regions
BWF rose to Regional Size
BWF sign PPV deal with SPIKE UK
Vol-24: A Tribe Called Rage



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