BWF Vol-24: A Tribe Called Rage

BWF Vol-24: A Tribe Called Rage – Live from Link Leisure Centre, Swindon
Official Theme: The Wolves – Cyrus Reynolds feat. Keeley Bumford

Steven Regal opens the show to huge ovation. He tells the audience that this is BWF’s first ever live PPV and he wants to create an event to remember so EVERY title is on the line – meaning HASKINS must defend twice tonight! (81)

POLLY defeated Nixon Newell in 12:41 via Submission. POLLY retains the BWF Women’s Championship. (41)
Rampage Brown defeated Jack Sexsmith in 2:15 via Pinfall (42)

Pete Dunne comes to the ring without Moustache Mountain and challenges former BWF Champion Primate to a match – one versus one, no backup allowed. The Primate appears and accepts Dunne’s challenge. (61)

Pete Dunne defeated The Primate in 18:52 via Pinfall (59)
RINGKAMPF defeated South Pacific Power Trip and Primal Rage in 17:49 via Pinfall. RINGKAMPF retain the BWF Tag Team Championship. (66)
Zack Sabre Jnr defeated Mark Andrews in 11:52 via Submission (51)
HASKINS defeated Chris Brookes in 17:03 via Pinfall after AXEL interfered. (53)
Morgan Webster drew with Marty Scurll after the time limit expired. Morgan Webster retains the BWF Championship. (58)

Morgan Webster seemed to have Scurll beat towards the end of the match. He hit him with two 450 Splashes – both of which Scurll kicked out of. Once in position again, Webster hit another 450 Splash before slowly making his tired body back to the top rope and trying to hit another finisher on Scurll to finish the deal. Before he could however, the time limit expired and, a slowly recovering Scurll began to laugh in the face of the champion. He begins to pull back the canvas and reveals the word “greed” written on the wood underneath. (86)

Show Rating: 62 | Attendance: 3,262 | Pop Increased in 5 Regions | 11,488 Buys
Vol-25: Black Mesa


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