BWF: League of Extraordinary Wrestling Week 1

BWF: LOEW Week 1 – Live from Regional Sports Centre, Westmeath
Official Theme: Champion in Me – 3 Doors Down

Steven Regal opens the show in front of a sell out crowd in Ireland. He welcomes everyone to the biggest and most ambitious BWF tournament yet – the League of Extraordinary Wrestling! He goes over the rules of the tournament. Two leagues of ten competitors with the top two from each league going into semi-final. The tournament winner will receive a championship opportunity any time they wish! Should the champion win the tournament they will simply benefit from nobody being able to surprise them with a title match. The tournament will also feature two non-EU wrestler for both League A and League B: Adam Cole, David Starr, Matt Riddle and Ricochet. Each match will have a time limit of fifteen minutes. A win gets the wrestler three points, a draw one point and nothing is earned from a loss. He also announces the show is being taped exclusively for Netflix! (88)

(League A) Adam Cole defeated Wolfgang (47)
(League B) David Starr defeated Jack Sexsmith (44)
(League A) AXEL defeated Rampage Brown (55)
(League B) HASKINS defeated Saxon Huxley (53)
(League A) Marty Scurll defeated Will Ospreay (63)

Scurll addresses the crowd after his win. He declares winning the League of Extraordinary Wrestling is his first step on the route to tarnishing the legacy of Morgan Webster. (86)

(League B) The Primate defeated Trent Seven (58)
(League A) Matt Riddle defeated Travis Banks (45)
(League B) Ricochet defeated Mark Andrews (48)
(League A) Morgan Webster defeated Tyler Bate (64)
(League B) Chris Brookes defeated Pete Dunne (53)

Primal Rage and RINGKAMPF both attack the competitors in the ring. There is some tension between the two factions, but the ultimately come together to beat down both Pete Dunne and Chris Brookes to close out the show. (67)

Show Rating: 57 | Attendance: 3,100 | Pop Increased in 12 Regions | 35,520 viewers
Vol-27: Dog Soldiers


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