BWF Vol-25: Black Mesa

BWF Vol-25: Black Mesa – Live from SECC Hall 3, Glasgow
Official Theme: Big Bang – Barenaked Ladies

(I lost the match details for the next few shows ’cause I’m a fucking idiot, I’m sorry.)

Moustache Mountain defeated Primal Rage, SPPT and London Riots (55)

Steven Regal announces there will be a number one contenders tournament to decide the next challenger for HASKINS’ BWF Regional Championship. The tournament will feature eight participants and begin tonight. (80)

(Quarter Final) Chris Brookes defeated Wolfgang (50)
(Quarter Final) Sebastian defeated Ryan Smile (42)

Sebastian takes a microphone after his win and begins to berate the crowd. He says he has worked very hard throughout his career and that it is bullshit it took so long for Steven Regal to call and get him in a BWF ring. (42)

POLLY defeated Lana Austin. POLLY retains the BWF Women’s Championship (40)

POLLY is kicking Lana Austin out of the ring when the Trilogy, led by Kay Lee Ray, attacks her from behind. KLR lifts the women’s championship above her head and claims she is taking it back for good. (69)

(Quarter Final) Rampage Brown defeated Lewis Girvan (57)
(Quarter Final) Jack Sexsmith defeated Jordan Devlin (36)

Sexsmith is celebrating his win when Rampage Brown attacks him for no reason. He powerbombs him through the announcers table. (46)

Toni Storm defeated Rhia O’Reily (37)
Marty Scurll defeated Mark Andrews (50)
Morgan Webster defeated Zack Sabre Jnr. Morgan Webster retains the BWF Championship (58)

Marty Scurll offers Webster a truce and an alliance. Webster refuses Scurll’s offer and the Villain attacks him. He beats the champion down, firstly with the umbrella and then with a chair, before locking in the chicken wing. (90)

Show Rating: 60 | Attendance: 3,751 | Pop Increased in 5 Regions | 10,230 buys
Vol-26: Dracula Teeth


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