BWF Vol-26: Dracula Teeth

BWF Vol-26: Dracula Teeth – Live from Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff
Official Theme: Dracula Teeth – The Last Shadow Puppets

(Semi Final) Sebastien defeated Jack Sexsmith (35)

Marty Scurll talks down to Webster about him letting his guard down. Promises to end his fairytale. (85)

POLLY defeated Bea Priestly (44)

Nixon Newell and Lana Austin offer POLLY help in her war against the Trilogy but POLLY refuses them. She states that a champion does not need the help of peasants. (61)

Marty Scurll defeats Matt Sydal (55)
(Semi Final) Chris Brookes defeated Rampage Brown (54)

HASKINS and AXEL rush the ring to attack Chris Brookes. They set him up for a big double team finisher but Travis Banks and TK Cooper make the save. South Pacific Power Trip demand a match with RINGKAMPF regardless of the outcome of their title match tonight! (64)

Pete Dunne defeated Dave Mastiff (57)
Morgan Webster defeated Ricochet. Morgan Webster retains the BWF Championship. (58)

Morgan Webster leaves the ring to allow Ricochet to take in the applause of the audience. His show of respect is ruined when Marty Scurll rushes through the crowd to attack Ricochet. Webster attempts to make the save but Scurll departs before he can. (94)

Kay Lee Ray defeated Nixon Newell (67)
RINGKAMPF defeated Moustache Mountain. RINGKAMPF retain the BWF Tag Team Championship (67)

Show Rating: 67 | Attendance: 3,576 | Pop Increased in 5 Regions | 10,175 buys
League of Extraordinary Wrestling Night One


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