BWF Vol-27: Dog Soldiers

BWF Vol-27: Dog Soldiers – Live from Altrincham Ice Dome, Altrincham
Official Theme: The Great Escape – Elmer Bernstein

The Trilogy defeated POLLY, Nixon Newell and Lana Austin (51)

POLLY, who abandoned her team during the match, came back after they were defeated to beat them down further. She reminds them that she does not need their help or anyone else’s. (67)

Zack Gibson defeated Matt Riddle (44)
Tyler Bate defeated Saxon Huxley (58)
RINGKAMPF defeaated Matt Sydal and Will Ospreay. RINGKAMPF retain the BWF Tag Team Championship (67)

Chris Brookes and SPPT come through the crowd and launch a surprise attack on RINGKAMPF. The three men use the numbers game to their advantage as they send RINGKAMPF running off to the backstage. Brookes screams that nothing will stop him winning number one contenders tournament! (58)

(FINAL) Chris Brookes defeated Sebastian to become Number One Contender (49)
Pete Dunne defeated Rampage Brown (60)

Pete Dunne calls out The Primate and tells him to bring Primal Rage’s three best to take on British Strong Style at the next volume! (59)

After Scurll’s attack on Ricochet last week, Steven Regal tells the two men they will face off to decide the challenger for the BWF Championship and that match is next! (59)

Marty Scurll defeated Ricochet after cheating (46)

Scurll celebrates his win and goads Morgan Webster into coming out. Instead he is met by Steven Regal, who caught the Villain’s cheating tactics. Instead of punishing Scurll outright, he declares the championship match will be a triple threat instead! (89)

Show Rating: 57 | Attendance: 2,525 | Pop Increased in 5 Regions | 6,098 buys
League of Extraordinary Wrestling Week 2


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