BWF Vol-27: Dog Soldiers

BWF Vol-27: Dog Soldiers – Live from Altrincham Ice Dome, Altrincham
Official Theme: The Great Escape – Elmer Bernstein

The Trilogy defeated POLLY, Nixon Newell and Lana Austin (51)

POLLY, who abandoned her team during the match, came back after they were defeated to beat them down further. She reminds them that she does not need their help or anyone else’s. (67)

Zack Gibson defeated Matt Riddle (44)
Tyler Bate defeated Saxon Huxley (58)
RINGKAMPF defeaated Matt Sydal and Will Ospreay. RINGKAMPF retain the BWF Tag Team Championship (67)

Chris Brookes and SPPT come through the crowd and launch a surprise attack on RINGKAMPF. The three men use the numbers game to their advantage as they send RINGKAMPF running off to the backstage. Brookes screams that nothing will stop him winning number one contenders tournament! (58)

(FINAL) Chris Brookes defeated Sebastian to become Number One Contender (49)
Pete Dunne defeated Rampage Brown (60)

Pete Dunne calls out The Primate and tells him to bring Primal Rage’s three best to take on British Strong Style at the next volume! (59)

After Scurll’s attack on Ricochet last week, Steven Regal tells the two men they will face off to decide the challenger for the BWF Championship and that match is next! (59)

Marty Scurll defeated Ricochet after cheating (46)

Scurll celebrates his win and goads Morgan Webster into coming out. Instead he is met by Steven Regal, who caught the Villain’s cheating tactics. Instead of punishing Scurll outright, he declares the championship match will be a triple threat instead! (89)

Show Rating: 57 | Attendance: 2,525 | Pop Increased in 5 Regions | 6,098 buys
League of Extraordinary Wrestling Week 2


BWF: League of Extraordinary Wrestling Week 1

BWF: LOEW Week 1 – Live from Regional Sports Centre, Westmeath
Official Theme: Champion in Me – 3 Doors Down

Steven Regal opens the show in front of a sell out crowd in Ireland. He welcomes everyone to the biggest and most ambitious BWF tournament yet – the League of Extraordinary Wrestling! He goes over the rules of the tournament. Two leagues of ten competitors with the top two from each league going into semi-final. The tournament winner will receive a championship opportunity any time they wish! Should the champion win the tournament they will simply benefit from nobody being able to surprise them with a title match. The tournament will also feature two non-EU wrestler for both League A and League B: Adam Cole, David Starr, Matt Riddle and Ricochet. Each match will have a time limit of fifteen minutes. A win gets the wrestler three points, a draw one point and nothing is earned from a loss. He also announces the show is being taped exclusively for Netflix! (88)

(League A) Adam Cole defeated Wolfgang (47)
(League B) David Starr defeated Jack Sexsmith (44)
(League A) AXEL defeated Rampage Brown (55)
(League B) HASKINS defeated Saxon Huxley (53)
(League A) Marty Scurll defeated Will Ospreay (63)

Scurll addresses the crowd after his win. He declares winning the League of Extraordinary Wrestling is his first step on the route to tarnishing the legacy of Morgan Webster. (86)

(League B) The Primate defeated Trent Seven (58)
(League A) Matt Riddle defeated Travis Banks (45)
(League B) Ricochet defeated Mark Andrews (48)
(League A) Morgan Webster defeated Tyler Bate (64)
(League B) Chris Brookes defeated Pete Dunne (53)

Primal Rage and RINGKAMPF both attack the competitors in the ring. There is some tension between the two factions, but the ultimately come together to beat down both Pete Dunne and Chris Brookes to close out the show. (67)

Show Rating: 57 | Attendance: 3,100 | Pop Increased in 12 Regions | 35,520 viewers
Vol-27: Dog Soldiers

BWF Vol-26: Dracula Teeth

BWF Vol-26: Dracula Teeth – Live from Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff
Official Theme: Dracula Teeth – The Last Shadow Puppets

(Semi Final) Sebastien defeated Jack Sexsmith (35)

Marty Scurll talks down to Webster about him letting his guard down. Promises to end his fairytale. (85)

POLLY defeated Bea Priestly (44)

Nixon Newell and Lana Austin offer POLLY help in her war against the Trilogy but POLLY refuses them. She states that a champion does not need the help of peasants. (61)

Marty Scurll defeats Matt Sydal (55)
(Semi Final) Chris Brookes defeated Rampage Brown (54)

HASKINS and AXEL rush the ring to attack Chris Brookes. They set him up for a big double team finisher but Travis Banks and TK Cooper make the save. South Pacific Power Trip demand a match with RINGKAMPF regardless of the outcome of their title match tonight! (64)

Pete Dunne defeated Dave Mastiff (57)
Morgan Webster defeated Ricochet. Morgan Webster retains the BWF Championship. (58)

Morgan Webster leaves the ring to allow Ricochet to take in the applause of the audience. His show of respect is ruined when Marty Scurll rushes through the crowd to attack Ricochet. Webster attempts to make the save but Scurll departs before he can. (94)

Kay Lee Ray defeated Nixon Newell (67)
RINGKAMPF defeated Moustache Mountain. RINGKAMPF retain the BWF Tag Team Championship (67)

Show Rating: 67 | Attendance: 3,576 | Pop Increased in 5 Regions | 10,175 buys
League of Extraordinary Wrestling Night One

BWF Vol-25: Black Mesa

BWF Vol-25: Black Mesa – Live from SECC Hall 3, Glasgow
Official Theme: Big Bang – Barenaked Ladies

(I lost the match details for the next few shows ’cause I’m a fucking idiot, I’m sorry.)

Moustache Mountain defeated Primal Rage, SPPT and London Riots (55)

Steven Regal announces there will be a number one contenders tournament to decide the next challenger for HASKINS’ BWF Regional Championship. The tournament will feature eight participants and begin tonight. (80)

(Quarter Final) Chris Brookes defeated Wolfgang (50)
(Quarter Final) Sebastian defeated Ryan Smile (42)

Sebastian takes a microphone after his win and begins to berate the crowd. He says he has worked very hard throughout his career and that it is bullshit it took so long for Steven Regal to call and get him in a BWF ring. (42)

POLLY defeated Lana Austin. POLLY retains the BWF Women’s Championship (40)

POLLY is kicking Lana Austin out of the ring when the Trilogy, led by Kay Lee Ray, attacks her from behind. KLR lifts the women’s championship above her head and claims she is taking it back for good. (69)

(Quarter Final) Rampage Brown defeated Lewis Girvan (57)
(Quarter Final) Jack Sexsmith defeated Jordan Devlin (36)

Sexsmith is celebrating his win when Rampage Brown attacks him for no reason. He powerbombs him through the announcers table. (46)

Toni Storm defeated Rhia O’Reily (37)
Marty Scurll defeated Mark Andrews (50)
Morgan Webster defeated Zack Sabre Jnr. Morgan Webster retains the BWF Championship (58)

Marty Scurll offers Webster a truce and an alliance. Webster refuses Scurll’s offer and the Villain attacks him. He beats the champion down, firstly with the umbrella and then with a chair, before locking in the chicken wing. (90)

Show Rating: 60 | Attendance: 3,751 | Pop Increased in 5 Regions | 10,230 buys
Vol-26: Dracula Teeth

BWF Vol-24: A Tribe Called Rage

BWF Vol-24: A Tribe Called Rage – Live from Link Leisure Centre, Swindon
Official Theme: The Wolves –¬†Cyrus Reynolds feat. Keeley Bumford

Steven Regal opens the show to huge ovation. He tells the audience that this is BWF’s first ever live PPV and he wants to create an event to remember so EVERY title is on the line – meaning HASKINS must defend twice tonight! (81)

POLLY defeated Nixon Newell in 12:41 via Submission. POLLY retains the BWF Women’s Championship. (41)
Rampage Brown defeated Jack Sexsmith in 2:15 via Pinfall (42)

Pete Dunne comes to the ring without Moustache Mountain and challenges former BWF Champion Primate to a match – one versus one, no backup allowed. The Primate appears and accepts Dunne’s challenge. (61)

Pete Dunne defeated The Primate in 18:52 via Pinfall (59)
RINGKAMPF defeated South Pacific Power Trip and Primal Rage in 17:49 via Pinfall. RINGKAMPF retain the BWF Tag Team Championship. (66)
Zack Sabre Jnr defeated Mark Andrews in 11:52 via Submission (51)
HASKINS defeated Chris Brookes in 17:03 via Pinfall after AXEL interfered. (53)
Morgan Webster drew with Marty Scurll after the time limit expired. Morgan Webster retains the BWF Championship. (58)

Morgan Webster seemed to have Scurll beat towards the end of the match. He hit him with two 450 Splashes – both of which Scurll kicked out of. Once in position again, Webster hit another 450 Splash before slowly making his tired body back to the top rope and trying to hit another finisher on Scurll to finish the deal. Before he could however, the time limit expired and, a slowly recovering Scurll began to laugh in the face of the champion. He begins to pull back the canvas and reveals the word “greed” written on the wood underneath. (86)

Show Rating: 62 | Attendance: 3,262 | Pop Increased in 5 Regions | 11,488 Buys
Vol-25: Black Mesa

BWF Vol-23: Return to Zanarkand

BWF Vol-23: Return to Zanarkand – Live from Gemtec Arena, Hull
Official Theme: To Zanarkand – Final Fantasy X OST

Nixon Newell defeated Lana Austin and Kay Lee Ray in 13:33 via Pinfall. Nixon Newell is the number one contender. (50)
South Pacific Power Trip defeated Primal Rage (Mastiff and Gibson) in 12:40 via Submission (47)

Chris Brookes comes to Steven Regal and pleads him in person for a championship rematch with HASKINS. Regal agrees that Brookes has been on great form recently and deserves his rematch but he reminds him that Mark Andrews is the number one contender for HASKINS’ title. A deflated Brookes is reinvigorated by Regal who puts him in a one versus one match with AXEL. (85)

POLLY defeated Toni Storm in 11:03 via Pinfall (39)

POLLY is interviewed about her future opponent Nixon Newell but she is uninterested. She tells the interviewer that she joined RINGKAMPF so she could represent women’s wrestling seriously, not treat it like a child playtime session like Nixon Newell does. (66)

AXEL defeated Chris Brookes in 17:34 via Submission. AXEL blatantly cheated. (56)

HASKINS and AXEL insult Brookes by insisting him, nor anyone else, will ever take the BWF Regional Championship away from RINGKAMPF. (66)

Rampage Brown defeated Matt Sydal in 7:35 via Pinfall (53)

Jack Sexsmith returns for the first time since he was savagely beaten by Rampage Brown at the First Anniversary Show. Clearly still hurting, Sexsmith insists he wants to fight Rampage again at the next show! (55)

Moustache Mountain defeated Primal Rage (Huxley and Wolfgang) in 16:34 via Pinfall. Pete Dunne interfered. (58)
HASKINS defeated Mark Andrews in 20:48 via Pinfall. HASKINS retains the BWF Regional Championship. (57)

Morgan Webster comes to the ring to issue an open challenge, not title match. The light go down and when they come up again, Webster is face to face with mannequin dressed in a Plague Doctor’s outfit. A startled Webster is too bewildered to notice Scurll lingering outside the ring and Scurll takes his chance to pounce. He locks Webster in the Chicken Wing until the champion passes¬†out. Scurll removes the mannequins outfit to reveal the word ‘pride’. (88)

Show Rating: 61 | Attendance: 977 | Pop Increased in 45 Regions
BWF rose to Regional Size
BWF sign PPV deal with SPIKE UK
Vol-24: A Tribe Called Rage


BWF Vol-22: King Kunta

BWF Vol-22: King Kunta – Live from Gemtec Arena, Hull
Official Theme: King Kunta – Kendrick Lamar

The NEW BWF Champion, Morgan Webster makes his entrance to huge ovation. He takes a microphone and thanks the crowd for believing in him and Steven Regal for giving him a chance. Morgan Webster begins interacting with members in the audience before a series of disturbing images referencing the Black Plague appear on the big screen – ending with a still of Marty Scurll wearing his now famous bird-mask. The word ‘Purity’ is written behind him. (92)

Chris Brookes defeated Matt Sydal in Chris Brookes defeated Matt Sydal in 12:27 by pinfall (46)

Chris Brookes is quick to grab a microphone to remind Steven Regal and HASKINS that he still wants a rematch for the Regional Championship, The crowd is fully behind Brookes but nobody answers his plea. (63)

Lana Austin defeated Sierra Loxton in 8:11 by pinfall (35)
South Pacific Power Trip defeated Moustache Mountain in 17:55 when Travis Banks defeated Trent Seven by pinfall following interference from Dave Mastiff (58)

Having cost Moustache Mountain their tag team match, Primal Rage member Dave Mastiff is joined by Saxon Huxley and Zack Gibson and the three men continue to beat Tyler Bate and Trent Seven all over the arena. (53)

Nixon Newell defeated Bea Priestley in 11:05 by pinfall (43)

Steven Regal announces that Nixon Newell, Kay Lee Ray and Lana Austin will face off in a triple threat match to decide a number one contender for POLLY’s BWF Women’s Championship. (80)

Rampage Brown defeated Ryan Smile in 10:34 by pinfall (46)
Pete Dunne defeated Zack Gibson in 14:03 by pinfall (50)

Before Dunne can think about celebrating, Primal Rage launch an attack on him. Huxley, Gibson and Mastiff are joined in ring by Wolfgang as Primate stand at the top of the ramp. He talks about how well revered the British Strong Style faction is in the United Kingdom and he wants to lead the tribe that puts them down. (52)

RINGKAMPF defeated London Riots in 19:11 via Pinfall. RINGKAMPF retain the BWF Tag Team Championship. (61)

Show Rating: 64 | Attendance: 1,003 | Pop Increased in 45 Regions
Vol-23: Return to Zanarkand