BWF Vol-21: First Anniversary Show

BWF Vol-21: First Anniversary Show – Live from 02 Academy, Liverpool
Official Theme: Raging Fire – Phillip Phillips

Steve Regal comes out to a huge reception, thanking the fans for the great first year the company had. He talks about some of the great shows, moments and matches that the company had in it’s first year. He talks about the revolutionary tag team division and women’s division the BWF have added and continue to build on, as well as an impressive men’s roster, which will see further additions tonight. (81)

Pete Dunne defeated Wolfgang in 10:09 via Pinfall (50)

Rampage Brown makes his first ever BWF appearance and begins complaining about how he was overlooked for so long by Steven Regal. He issues an open challenge so he can take the BWF Championship as quickly as possible. Jack Sexsmith is the one to answer Rampage’s call as he tells the crowd he wants to prove his worth to them. (52)

Jack Sexsmith defeated Rampage Brown in 5:15 via Quick Roll-Up (44)

An irate Rampage cannot accept his defeated to Sexsmith and obliterates Sexsmith for ‘ruining’ his debut. (47)

Mark Andrews defeated Matt Sydal in 12:17 via Pinfall. Mark Andrews became number one contender for BWF Regional Championship. (43)

Marty Scurll defeated Zack Sabre Jnr in 18:34 via Pinfall. Marty Scurll became number one contender for the BWF Championship. (46)

POLLY defeated Kay Lee Ray and Lana Austin in 12;12 via Submission. POLLY wins the BWF Women’s Championship. (45)

RINGKAMPF defeated Moustache Mountain in 23:58 via Pinfall. RINGKAMPG retains the BWF Tag Team and Regional Championship. (60)

After an incredible victory and another night of domination, POLLY, HASKINS and AXEL come together in the ring under the RINGKAMPF banner holding three of the four BWF Championships. (79)

Chris Brookes defeated Saxon Huxley in 16:58 via Submission (46)

Morgan Webster defeaed The Primate in 19:14 via Pinfall. Morgan Webster wins the BWF Championship. (46)

Morgan Webster is showered in confetti as The Primate year long championship reign is finally ended by the Welsh underdog. Webster celebrates with the fans before Steven Regal comes down to the ring to raise the new champions hand. (77)

Show Rating: 52 | Attendance: 1,021 | Popularity Increased in 45 Regions
Vol-22: King Kunta


BWF Vol-20: Not Sponsored

BWF Vol-20: Not Sponsored – Live from Gemtec Arena, Hull

POLLY defeated Nixon Newell in 8:37 via Pinfall (35)

POLLY calls out Kay Lee Ray, stating to everyone she is a different athlete now that she’s cut the compassion for others out of her mind. (66)

Chris Brookes defeated Ryan Smile in 12:51 via Pinfall (30)
Saxon huxley defeated Travis Banks in 13:50 via Pinfall (48)

Chris Brookes attacks Huxley, the man who cost him his championship. Huxley scarpers away as Brookes challenges him to a match at BWF’s first anniversary show which Huxley accepts! (54)

The Primate defeated TK Cooper in 9:36 via Pinfall (46)
Kay Lee Ray defeate Dahlia Black in 7:28 via Pinfall (45)

Steven Regal tells Kay Lee Ray she must defend her championship against former champion Lana Austin and the reinvigorated POLLY at the first anniversary show! (45)

HASKINS defeated Jack Sexsmith in 18:07 via Pinfall. HASKINS retains the BWF Regional Championship. (46)
The Eton Rifles defeated British Strong Style and Primal Rage in 20:34 via Pinfall (45)

Steven Regal confirms the main event of the first anniversary show will be Morgan Webster versus Primate in a BWF Championship match. It is Webster’s final chance to win the belt! (82)

Show Rating: 50 | Attendance: 995 | Popularity Increased in 45 Regions
Vol-21: First Anniversary Show


BWF Vol-19: RINGKAMPF – Live from 02 Academy, Liverpool

RINGKAMPF demand singles title opportunities from Steven Regal, who is happy to agree! (92)

Morgan Webster defeated Zack Gibson in 11:41 via Pinfall (51)
Wolfgang dedeated Trent Seven in 9:59 via Pinfall (52)
HASKINS defeated Chris Brookes in 18:22 via Pinfall. Saxon Huxley interfered. Mark Haskins wins the BWF Regional Championship. (47)

Saxon Huxley, who just cost Chris Brookes his Regional Championship, is quick to mock the fallen champion and his “terrible and embarrassing” reign. (54)

Jack Sexsmith defeated Earl Black Jnr in 7:24 via Pinfall (28)
South Pacific Power Trip defeated D&D Security in 11:25 via Pinfall (40)
Pollyanna defeated Lana Austin in 8:16 via Pinfall. AXEL interfered. (30)

Pollyanna seems just as bewildered as the BWF crowd after AXEL interfered in her match. He presents to her a RINGKAMPF shirt with the name POLLY on it. After a moments contemplation she smiles and accepts. Pollyanna (now POLLY) officially joins RINGKAMPF. (67)

The Primate defeated Axel Dieter Jnr in 24:11 via Pinfall. The Primate retains the BWF Championship. (53)

Morgan Webster comes out after the main event and instigates another brawl between himself and the champion, Primate. (71)

Show Rating: 57 | Attendance: 1,005 | Popularity Increased in 45 Regions
Vol-20: Not Sponsored

BWF Vol-18: Aesthetically Pleasing

BWF Vol-18: Aesthetically Pleasing – Live from The Lowry, Manchester

Steven Regal comes to the ring and discusses the chaos that some of the recent shows have descended into recently. He apologises to the fans for that but states he aims to capitalise on the chaos tonight by having all four titles defended in fatal-four-way matches! (80)

Pollyanna defeated Heidi Katrina in 6:50 via Pinfall (31)
RINGKAMPG defeated Moustache Mountain, Primal Rage and The London Riots in 18:12 via Pinfall. RINGKAMPF win the BWF Tag Team Championship. (54)
Sierra Loxton defeated Xia Brookside in 6:44 via Pinfall (24)

The four women competing for women’s championship tonight face off before their match. (67)

Kay Lee Ray defeated Nixon Newell, Lana Austin and Bea Priestly in 14:01 via Pinfall after Heidi Katrina interfered. Kay Lee Ray retains the BWF Women’s Championship (44)
Chris Brookes defeated Travis Banks, Jack Sexsmith and Saxon Huxley in 17:36 via Submission. Chris Brookes wins the BWF Regional Championship. (46)
The Primate defeated Pete Dunne, Wolfgang and Morgan Webster in 21:28 via Pinfall. The Primate retains the BWF Championship. (55)

Morgan Webster, who seemed to have the match won after hitting his finisher before Primate stole the pin, attacks Primate out of pure rage. Regal tries to get the show under control but Primate and Webster brawl to the back to close the show. (87)

Show Rating: 57 | Attendance: 930 | Popularity Increased in 45 Regions

BWF Vol-17: Oh Myyyyy

BWF Vol-17: Oh Myyyyy – Live from The Lowry, Manchester

Steven Regal calls Jack Sexsmith out to start the show. He rewards his pinfall victory over Saxon Huxley during the eight-man tag match with a Regional title shot tonight! (84)

The Trilogy (Priestly and Katrina) defeated Lana Austin and Erin Angel in 7:48 via Submission. Presitly blatantly cheated. (38)
Chris Brookes defeated Lucas Archer in 6:52 via Submission (26)
Primal Rage defeated South Pacific Power Trip in 12:50 via Pinfall (44)
Kay Lee Ray defeated Nixon Newell in 13:29 via Pinfall. Kay Lee Ray retained the BWF Women’s Championship. (45)

Lana Austin appears after Kay Lee Ray’s victory and demands a rematch for the women’s championship but Kay Lee Ray turns her down, stating she won it fair and square. (63)

Saxon Huxley defeated Jack Sexsmith in 14:13 via Pinfall. Saxon Huxley retaned the BWF Regional Championship. (43)

Saxon Huxley looks set to continue the beat down of Sexsmith but Chris Brookes makes the save. Brookes is enraged after being attacked by Primal Rage last week and destroys Huxley with a chair and demands a one versus one opportunity at Huxley. (43)

Moustache Mountain defeated RINGKAMPF in 17:35 via Pinfall. Moustache Mountain retain the BWF Tag Team Championship. (55)
Wolfgang dedeated Ryan Smile in 7:17 via Pinfall (47)
The Primate defeated Morgan Webster in 17:53 via Pinfall, using the ropes for leverage. The Primate retains the BWF Championship. (45)

Show Rating: 50 | Attendance: 866 | Popularity Increased in 45 Regions
Vol-18: Aesthetically Pleasing

BWF Vol-16: The Eton Rifles

BWF Vol-16: The Eton Rifles – Live from The Lowry, Manchester

Mark Haskins defeated TK Cooper and Trent Seven in 14:21 via Pinfall (48)
Nixon Newll defeated Toni Storm, Pollyanna and Bea Priestly in 12:30 via Pinfall. Nixon Newell becomes Number One Contender. (40)

After her victory, Nixon Newell insists she won’t stop until she has taken down The Trilogy and and the championship… No matter who wins tonight! (60)

Pete Dunne defeated Wolfgang in 17:22 via Pinfall (48)

Steven Regal is backstage and finds Primate. He informs him that he must face off with The Eton Rifles (Morgan Webster and The London Riots) and Chris Brookes. Primate thanks Regal for allowing him to efficiently ruin the career of four men in one night. (81)

Ryan Smile defeated Mike Bird in 7:46 via Pinfall (35)
Axel Dieter Jnr defeated Travis Banks and Tyler Bate in 17:58 via Pinfall (57)

RINGKAMPF are announced as number one contenders for the tag team championship after two singles victory tonight. (81)

Kay Lee Ray defeated Lana Austin in 9:24 via Pinfall. Kay Lee Ray wins the BWF Women’s Championship. (43)

Chris Brookes is taken out before he is able to get to the ring for the main event. Primal Rage are relishing their 4-on-3 but Jack Sexsmith takes Brookes’ place as the fourth man. (71)

The Eton Rifles and Jack Sexsmith defeated Primal Rage in 19:23 via Pinfall. Jack Sexsmith pinned Saxon Huxley. (52)

Show Rating: 55 | Attendance: 885 | Popularity Increased in 45 Regions
Vol-17: Oh Myyyyy

BWF Vol-15: Spoilers… Aerith Dies

BWF Vol-15: Spoilers… Aerith Dies – Live from Stockport Plaza, Stockport

Saxon Huxley defeated Pete Dunne in 18:!7 via Pinfall. Wolfgang interefered. Saxon Huxley retains the BWF Regional Championship. (35)

Wolfgang continues attack Dunne as Huxley looks on. He turns to face Huxley and begins laughing before shaking the champions hand. Wolfgang is the newest member of Primal Rage. Saxon Huxley takes his chance to warn anyone, especially Chris Brookes, that Primal Rage is not a group to be messed with. (54)

Lana Austin defeated Heidi Katrina in 7:26 via Pinfall (30)
Kay Lee Ray defeated Nixon Newell in 8:38 via Pinfall (42)

Steven Regal, having heard the bickering between Kay Lee Ray and Lana Austin for the past few shows tells both women they will fight one another at Vol-16. (67)

Moustache Mountain defeated RINGKAMPF and South Pacific Power Trip in 18:02 via Pinfall. Moustache Mountain retain the BWF Tag Team Championship. (56)

After Moustache Mountains secured another massive victory, they (and both other teams) are ambushed by Zack Gibson and Dave Mastiff of Primal Rage. Gibson takes to the mic and tells the crowd that Primal Rage are taking over this company and nothing is going to stop them. (51)

Chris Brookes defeated Earl Black Jnr in 7:39 via Pinfall (34)

The Primate comes out ahead of his main event match and announces he is willing to defend his championship to the winner of the last shows main event… Jack Sexsmith! Sexsmith appears hesitant to enter the ring with Primate, but eventually enters after the crowds encouragement. (91)

The Primate defeated Jack Sexsmith in 10:39 via Pinfall. The Primate retains the BWF Championship. (49)

The crowd applauds the valiant Jack Sexsmith, which infuriates Primate even more. He calls down the other members of Primal Rage as they look set to punish Sexsmith but before they can do any damage, Morgan Webster and the London Riots rush the ring to make the save. The three men fight off the Primal Rage army and end the show standing tall. (92)

Show Rating: 59 | Attendance: 815 | Popularity Increased in 45 Regions
Vol-16: The Eton Rifles