GLOW S1.EP1 – A New Generation

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling begins for the first time in over thirty years with the crowding roaring as the lights go up. The roar continues as Melina Perez makes her first ever appearance on GLOW. Taking in the crowd’s reception, she begins to speak in the ring.

“It’s been a long time since this show last aired. Thirty years ago, the idea of a women’s wrestling company being more than just leotards and cat-fights was a long, distant dream. But thanks to thirty years of hard work and determination from the women who came before us, we once again can make history – which is why I’m here. I’m not here to talk about the old GLOW, I’m here to talk about the new GLOW. More specifically, the GLOW Championship. I want to be the first woman to carry it, I want to be the woman who makes it mean something.”

Melina is cut off by the music of Cheerleader Militia. Militia makes her way half way down the entrance ramp, seemingly heading to the ring, but decides to stop halfway down and begin talking from there.

“You know what the problem with this is, Melina? You want to know why GLOW will fail again? Because of people like you. For eighteen years, I trained to be the best woman in North America, the best woman in the world. I wrestled in ShImmer, Stardom and even TNA. Pro Wrestling Illustrated said I was the best female wrestler in the world. Yet I was always over looked. Over looked because people would rather watch Melina Perez do the splits in a miniskirt on live television than support real female athletes. You want to talk about how far women’s wrestling has come? Talk about the pioneers who helped changed it? That’s me! I’m the pioneer and you’re just the sex symbol in leotards that men like to look at.”

Melina begins gesturing towards Militia to get into the ring by opening the ropes for her. Militia is reluctant however and continues to frustrate Melina by making her way back up the ramp.

“Hey, Militia! If you think you’re the best – if you think you’re better than me – then meet me in this ring tonight, one on one. I’ll show you that I’m more of an athlete than you think.”

Militia ponders the question as the crowd encourages the match. She seems to decline and begin walking away again, but turns around at the last second.

“You know what, Melina? I accept your stupid challenge. I accept and, after I beat you harder than you’ve ever been beaten before, you can run off crying back to the bikini contest babes at WWE where you belong. I’m sure the 1980’s would love to have you back.”

Segment Rating: 63

Kairi Hojo defeated Io Shirai in 8:31 via Pinfall 27

After their match, Kairi Hojo and Io Shirai show one another and the crowd respect. Veda Scott and Shaul Guerrero come through the crowd and begin to attack the pair. After a series of vicious double team moves, Veda Scott begins to talk trash.

“This is GLOW’s great import talent? Oh wow, you’re good in Japan wrestling in front of tiny crowds so you deserve all the adulation, don’t you? Wrong! Shaul and I have been underappreciated for far too long and we were promised that GLOW would be out big break and yet you two waltzes in here and steal the spotlight from us? Come and fight us next week, in a tag team match, so we can prove how good we really are. I’d ask for answer now, but you both seem a little… Beat up.”

Veda Scott and Shaul Guerrero walk over the beaten bodies of Shirai and Hojo as the crowd continues to boo the pair.

Segment Rating: 56

After the Kairi Hojo and Io Shirai are helped backstage, Katarina Waters makes her debut on Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. She comes out, seemingly with a purpose as she ignores the fans.

“The producers said they didn’t have a match for me tonight. They said they didn’t have anything ready for the best female talent in Europe. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to come out here and issue an open challenge to any of the pretender’s backstage.”

Katarina sets her microphone down as a dark, grunge tune begins to play. Psycho Sophie makes her appearance onto the stage and the crowd rises to their feet. The youngster charges to the ring, accepting the open challenge without even opening her mouth.

Segment Rating: 62

Psycho Sophie defeated Katarina Waters in 8:25 via Submission 28
Melina Perez defeated Cheerleader Militia in 17:23 via Pinfall 35

Attendance: 1,985 | Show Rating: 44
Episode 2