Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling – The Revival

To: David McClane
Subject: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Hey David,

Long time no speak. I’m Robert Greenblatt, the Chairman of NBC Universal. We here at NBC have noticed a steady increase in the wrestling market over the past few years. We currently own exclusive rights to air both WWE shows, ‘Monday Night Raw’ and ‘SmackDown Live’ but have been looking to expand our wrestling network to cover more demographics. Recently, online streaming service. Netflix, released an original series based on your old company – GLOW. We here at NBC Universal see this as the perfect opportunity to allow GLOW, ran by yourself, to return to television via our nationwide channel, SyFy.

Thanks for your time,

Robert Greenblatt
Chairman of NBC Universal

To: Robert Greenblatt
Subject: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Hello Robert,

Thanks for getting in touch about GLOW – I did recently see the new Netflix series about the old promotion and couldn’t help but reminisce about those days. Unfortunately, the rights to GLOW and the ownership of the company were never mine, I merely wrote the shows. The company was sold to former GLOW star Ursula Hayden fifteen years ago, so as much as would love to be apart of this new revival, I’m afraid that ┬áit’s out of my hands.

Apologies and best wishes,

David McClane

To: David McClane
Subject: GLOW Ownership and Rights

Hey David,

I see your worries about the ownership and rights to Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, but I can confirm that NBC Universal recently bought the company from Ursula Hayden. Initially we considered a re-branding, but with the success of the Netflix series and the strong audience reactions to the new look women’s division in WWE, we felt it important to carry on under the GLOW banner, preferably with you at the helm. We at NBC Universal formally offer you, David McClane, the job of head writer and executive of talent recruitment for the 2017 revamp of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

We look forward to hearing your answer and thanks again for your time.

Robert Greenblatt
Chairman of NBC Universal

To: Robert Greenblatt
Subject: Job Offer

I accept.

David McClane.


BWF Vol-15: Spoilers… Aerith Dies

BWF Vol-15: Spoilers… Aerith Dies – Live from Stockport Plaza, Stockport

Saxon Huxley defeated Pete Dunne in 18:!7 via Pinfall. Wolfgang interefered. Saxon Huxley retains the BWF Regional Championship. (35)

Wolfgang continues attack Dunne as Huxley looks on. He turns to face Huxley and begins laughing before shaking the champions hand. Wolfgang is the newest member of Primal Rage. Saxon Huxley takes his chance to warn anyone, especially Chris Brookes, that Primal Rage is not a group to be messed with. (54)

Lana Austin defeated Heidi Katrina in 7:26 via Pinfall (30)
Kay Lee Ray defeated Nixon Newell in 8:38 via Pinfall (42)

Steven Regal, having heard the bickering between Kay Lee Ray and Lana Austin for the past few shows tells both women they will fight one another at Vol-16. (67)

Moustache Mountain defeated RINGKAMPF and South Pacific Power Trip in 18:02 via Pinfall. Moustache Mountain retain the BWF Tag Team Championship. (56)

After Moustache Mountains secured another massive victory, they (and both other teams) are ambushed by Zack Gibson and Dave Mastiff of Primal Rage. Gibson takes to the mic and tells the crowd that Primal Rage are taking over this company and nothing is going to stop them. (51)

Chris Brookes defeated Earl Black Jnr in 7:39 via Pinfall (34)

The Primate comes out ahead of his main event match and announces he is willing to defend his championship to the winner of the last shows main event… Jack Sexsmith! Sexsmith appears hesitant to enter the ring with Primate, but eventually enters after the crowds encouragement. (91)

The Primate defeated Jack Sexsmith in 10:39 via Pinfall. The Primate retains the BWF Championship. (49)

The crowd applauds the valiant Jack Sexsmith, which infuriates Primate even more. He calls down the other members of Primal Rage as they look set to punish Sexsmith but before they can do any damage, Morgan Webster and the London Riots rush the ring to make the save. The three men fight off the Primal Rage army and end the show standing tall. (92)

Show Rating: 59 | Attendance: 815 | Popularity Increased in 45 Regions
Vol-16: The Eton Rifles